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Why Spirulite is the ultimate dietary supplement.

Seeking to relieve the symptoms of common conditions and disorders, or looking to shed those unwanted pounds, many people turn to the world of dietary or nutritional supplements. When ingested as part of a comprehensive healthy lifestyle, integrated with balanced eating and routine exercise, dietary supplements can help you achieve your physical wellness goals, so you can start living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

But let me let you in on a little secret: not all supplements are created alike.

Some supplements are simply better than others, containing superior ingredient combinations for overall more successful outcomes.

Like Spirulite.

Spirulite is the ultimate dietary supplement, ideal for use by people suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol and other health conditions. Its unique properties are also key drivers of weight loss, making it the only dietary supplement you’ll ever need to take. Here’s why:

100% natural.

Spirulite is a unique weight loss and nutritional product made from 100% natural ingredients. Our unique formula combines ingredients that, according to multiple sources and “studies,” work together to suppress your appetite and enhance your sense of fullness, while nourishing the body with essential vitamins and minerals on a daily basis – while you diet, to lose weight or to get your numbers back within a healthy range. Each capsule contains a formula comprised of superfoods: spirulina, acai, guar gum and linoleic acid, super concentrated with nutrients, so you eat and digest more of the good stuff your body needs to survive, feel full and thrive, in less bites.

When used regularly in conjunction with healthy eating and exercise habits, Spirulite has been proven to lead to regular weight loss, more balanced blood sugar and better cardiovascular health. And Spirulite does not contain iodine, making it a great, beneficial source of spirulina for those suffering from thyroid issues.

Let’s examine Spirulite’s ingredients and explain why they’re so great:

Spirulina – A powerful, cleansing nutrient.

Spirulina is one or the world’s most popular supplements – and with good reason. This superfood is extremely high in many nutrients, such as vitamins A, B, C and K, iron and protein, while virtually negligible in calories. It also acts upon the endocrine system to balance your hormones, serves as a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent, cleanses the cardiovascular system by lowering “bad” cholesterol and protecting against oxidation and more. Daily ingestion of spirulina contributes to the maintenance of good health, prevents disease, energizes the body and even helps with weight loss.

Guar gum – A balancer of good bacteria.

A common ingredient in processed foods, as well as in gluten-free baking, guar gum can provide much relief for digestive discomfort, including for those suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The water-soluble fiber slows the absorption of nutrients in the digestive system, serving as a good bacteria, while absorbing the fat, cholesterol and sugar from food and preventing them from being absorbed into the blood – instrumental in the prevention of digestive discomfort, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Acai – Nutrient-dense superfruit.

Acai berries contain healthy fats, low amounts of sugar, trace minerals, protein and fiber, in a tiny, dense “packaging.” They are loaded with antioxidants, amino acids and other essential fatty acids that work together to reduce insulin resistance, manage body weight and fight the signs of aging.   Animal studies have even found acai to be effective in potentially lowering cholesterol levels and stopping cancer cells from spreading, while boosting brain functioning over time.

Linoleic acid – The essential inhibitor.

Linoleic acid is an omega-6 essential fatty acid that works to synthesize local hormones, enabling the body to inhibit the cellular absorption of fat, trim body measurements and essentially increase muscle mass. Taking linoleic acid helps improve the profile of fats in your bloodstream, reduce bad cholesterol and prevent the development of heart disease. It is also especially important in inhibiting the effects of inflammatory diseases, including allergies, as well as in the maintenance of healthy, great-looking skin.

The bottom line: supersize your superfood intake & take charge of your life, with Spirulite! The effort is small; the benefits – tremendous.

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