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Nathaly Baker, 31, from Bartow, Florida

With Spirulite, I was very optimistic it would be different from there other products. I can say honestly that I was impressed with the level of balance of energy given throughout my two weeks of taking it. It kept me on track with losing weight and suppressing my hunger. I fully recommend Spirulite

Kate Hayes, 36, from Livermore, California

Walked 30min a day, ate once a day and only drank water/lemon water. I bought this to lose weight fast after having my baby.
I went from 198lbs to 166lbs in just 2 months.
I used a diet plan that works best for me and am now a happy person thanks to Spirulite

Linda Clarke, 60, from Berkeley, California

Spirulite has helped our family exceed their weight loss goals. Since adding this supplement, weight loss has been 2 lbs per week. It helps with controlling your appetite and gives you more energy to stay active. With a proper diet and exercise, this supplement does the job intended. We highly recommend it!

Isabelle Hudson, 50, from Austin, Texas

Me and a friend both want to lose some extra inches before her wedding in three months, so we decided to look into these supplements! So far I've already seen positive results! And it’s only been ONE week ! They do suppress my appetite, so I don’t feel the need to eat as much, keeps me active at work. So far so good !

Ashley Brown, 27, from Boise, Idaho

This is a great product for those serious about losing weight. i have been taking this supplement for almost 3 weeks now; during which time, i have lost 8 pounds + noted a definite increase in my energy level. it really cut my appetite allowing me to eat 'normal' portions of food without feeling hungry. it is great that it is loaded with vitamins and probiotics for general over-all health. also, the capsules are easy to swallow. highly recommend!!

Alexa Price, 33, from Golden, Colorado

I was looking to lose a few unhealthy pounds. I gave this a try. I noticed that I began to lose weight. I was also feeling more confident about that weight loss. I had several friends tell me I looked good. Which every person wants to hear. I have been able to keep that extra weight off as well. I feel great. I did not feel an energy drain that you sometimes can find with a weight loss supplement. I would buy again!

Nicole Clarce, 25, from Hays, Kansas

I had been looking at something to take for cravings/weight loss for a while and decided on this one after reading the reviews and I’m glad to say it definitely lived up to the hype.
After taking it for a few days I saw the change in my appetite and in a few weeks I felt its effect on my weight too! It stopped my midnight snacking and helped keep me full with less food as well.
I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to change cravings habits or their weight!

Kevin Cole, 36, from Livonia, Michigan

I have been looking for a good product to help me with weight loss for awhile now. I have done a lot of research on Spirulite and I have heard a lot of good things about it.
I finally decided to try it out. I began noticing the effects very quickly. After I started taking Spirulite I no longer have the same cravings to eat as much each evening. It did not take long to notice that I was losing weight. Check out my before and after pictures, only 3 months apart.

Grace Ryan, 65, from Austin, Minnesota

This product is so great! I used to have a lot of trouble with losing weight because of how often I would eat! My appetite could never be satisfied, and I was never full. But ever since I started taking Spirulite, I been able to feel fuller and content with smaller amounts of food. I've already started to see changes in my body! I would definitely recommend it to someone who has trouble curbing their appetite.

Rachel Gibson, 35, from Houma, Louisiana

Definitely something I would recommend! No yucky feeling (I'm sure I'm not alone) that I find to have had in the past with other diet aids.
Results have been fairly quick considering and I've seen a steady decline as well.
As far as I'm concerned, this works and is worth every blessed penny! Good luck to all!

Daniel Holland, 40, from West Virginia

Simply a great product.
Highly recommended, especially because it shipped out super fast.
Thank you Spirulite.

Jenia Kriklovsky, 22, from New York City

Ever since I bought this product I lost about 10 pounds, in a single MONTH!
I recommend anyone who wants to live healthy and/or lose some weight to buy it right away!

John Maggi, 43, from New York City

I like this product.
I have been using it for several months and lost around 12 lbs at the first 2 months!
I thank Spirulite every single day for helping me with my weight loss.

Dan Rubin, 48, from Winnemucca, Nevada

At first I was afraid to take pills but I decided to try it anyway.
now, I use this product to help with weight loss and help with cholesterol.
I have lost 9 lbs in one month.
Definitely recommend !

Spirulite Stories

Here is just a few "before and after" photos of our customers

Meet Kevin

Kevin is 36 years old from Michigan. Kevin first heard of Spirulite in the beginning of 2015, but was skeptical.
He eventually bought a bottle of Spirulite, and this is the result after just 2 months.

Meet Alexa

Alexa is 33 years old from Colorado. It all started when Alexa bought a Spirulite bottle after seeing a facebook post about it. Alexa started using the capsules in the beginning of 2018 and saw results soon after.

Meet Rebecca

Rebecca is a 47 years old from Brooklyn, New York. After trying a lot of different weight loss supplements and almost giving up on them, Rebecca decided to buy Spirulite.
She finally achieved what she always wanted, an unbelievable 37 pounds of weight loss.